AVIATEX AVIATION EXPO | Thu, 3 May - Sun, 6 May 2018

Exhibitor List

Exhibitor List

Aviatex will see the largest gathering of recreational, sport and general aviation suppliers in Australia

Below is the list of exhibitors who will be in attendance at Aviatex 2017.  This page will be updated as new exhibitors come aboard.  Remember to collect a copy of your Exhibitor Catalogue when you arrive at Aviatex 2017.

Australian Jump Pilot Academy

Site No: 8

Australia’s premier Jump Pilot training provider, committed to setting the benchmark for parachute Jump Pilots through tailored industry courses. With numerous training facilities throughout Australia, AJPA specialises in Jump Pilot Authorisations, Turbine Endorsements, ICUS, Hour Building Packages and Formation ratings. Take your flying to new heights with AJPA.

Contact: Sarah Roche
Phone: 0418 438 844
Email: info@ausjumppilotacademy.com.au


Site No: 15

Established in 2005, RallyeAir has made available to its virtual Pilots a friendly and realistic environment to call home. Our Members, also known as “Flight Simulation Enthusiasts” use flight simulation platforms such as Microsoft Flight Simulator and Lockheed Martin Prepar3D to fly together online the IVAO Network while raising funds for Bowel Cancer Australia.

Contact: Daniel Hammond
Phone: 0414608734
Email: dan@rallyeairgroup.com


Site No: 35

When you become a Cirrus owner, you aren’t merely taking up a hobby; you are choosing a whole new lifestyle, one full of freedoms, choices and responsibilities unlike anything else. Every Cirrus aircraft is designed around both pilot and passenger and delivers an aviation experience that is the pinnacle of innovation, quality and safety.

Contact: Kreisha Ballantyne
Phone: (03) 9988 2399
Email: kballantyne@cirrusaircraft-aunz.info

Wedgetail Aircraft

Site No: 34

Wedgetail Aircraft is one of the newest players in Australia’s recreational aircraft market, but it is by no means inexperienced, with its staff having decades of experience in aviation manufacturing and repair. Wedgetail’s chief engineer Ray Tolhurst, has done work for the likes of Care Flight, Total Aerospace and Australian Aerospace. In addition, all staff currently employed at Wedgetail Aircraft are qualified pilots and understand not only the mechanical needs of an aircraft but that of its pilot and passengers. This knowledge and experience, coupled with their passion for aviation make them ideal creators of new aircraft. Wedgetail Aircraft is now the only manufacturer in the world of the two seat Sierra, single seat Vampire and four seat Cougar aircraft; just for a moment imagine soaring high in one of these great aeroplanes…. Why not give them a call on 0414 559 742?

Contact: Frankie Bailey
Phone: 0468 713 545
Email: frankie.bailey@kdjconsultinggroup.com.au

Australian Piper Society

Site No: 36

The Australian Piper Society (APS) is a non-profit society whose principal purpose is to promote the interests of people who own or fly Piper aircraft.

Contact: Secretary
Email: secretary@piper.org.au

Gliding Federation of Australia (GFA)

Site No: 39

Formed in 1949 the GFA became Australia's first national aviation self-administration organisation in 1953. GFA administers the higher performance, higher cost sailplane sector — recreational and regional/national/international competitive soaring. GFA is an organisation of about 86 clubs contained within five regions with a total membership around 12 000.

Contact: Ian Caldwell
Phone: 0401 483 067
Email: cmd@glidingaustralia.org

Australian Beechcraft Society

Site No: 38

We are an enthusiastic group of aviators for whom a love of Beechcraft airplanes is our passion. We also share a strong commitment to the very highest standards of safety and airmanship. All owners of any model of Beechcraft airplanes and pilots are welcome to join the Australian Beechcraft Society.

Phone: 03 5831 1072

Australian Sport Rotorcraft Association (ASRA)

Site No: 37

The Australian Sport Rotorcraft Association Inc. (ASRA) is a national sport and recreational association, representing people with an interest in building and flying gyroplanes. Under Civil Aviation Safety Authority accreditation, ASRA administers sport gyroplanes through the certification of pilots and the registration of gyroplanes in Australia.

Contact: The Secretary
Phone: 0402 002 266
Email: secretary@asra.org.au

Sling Aircraft

Site No: 32

The Sling was designed with the aim of creating the most practical and desirable light sport aircraft available. Sling Aircraft feature: Perfectly coordinated, highly responsive controls, Close to the best performance across the full range of qualities, Aluminium construction for ease and consistency of construction and proven strength and durability Excellent instrumentation options, Wide cockpit with excellent all around view and substantial luggage capacity Incorporation of a ballistic parachute for safety High quality components throughout.

Contact: Errol Van Rensburg
Phone: 0415 072 498
Email: evrensburg@gmail.com

Cirrus Owners and Pilots Association

Site No: 40

COPA is a not for profit membership organisation established to educate, promote the safety of, and support the owners and pilots of certified aircraft manufactured by Cirrus Aircraft Company. We encourage ownership of these aircraft and provide online interaction, training programs and social activities for our members. Additionally, COPA will promote goodwill toward the general aviation community.

Contact: Roger Whittier
Email: membership@cirruspilots.org

QBE Insurance

Site No: 23

In the air or on the ground, aviation presents a unique set of risks. Whether it’s your business or just sheer pleasure, you need specialist insurance. We can help. Our hands-on experience in the field gives us the insight to understand your needs and design insurance that works for you. We cover everything from airlines and private planes to pilots, refuellers and baggage handlers. Risk management and accident prevention advice are part of the service. And if you need to make a claim we’re here to guide you through our hassle-free claims process. We provide Aviation insurance across Australia, New Zealand and the Asia-Pacific region. It’s available directly and through brokers and QBE authorised representatives.

Contact: Graham Price
Phone: (02) 9375 4278
Email: graham.price@qbe.com

The Mooney Pilots Association

Site No: 44

The Australian Mooney Pilots Association - AMPA - was established in 1991 with purpose of supporting Mooney owners in Australia, fostering goodwill and comradeship, safety and Mooney specific aircraft performance and operations through fly-ins, safety seminars and other activities.

Contact: Howard Hobbs
Email: president@mooney.org.au

Cessna 182 Association

Site No: 42

Members of the Cessna 182 Association of Australia are a diverse and relaxed group of people from all walks of life. Our common bond is the Cessna 182 aircraft. The association provides great opportunities for members to travel, socialise and create new friendships. In Autumn and Spring each year, we have weekend fly-ins to far flung places of interest throughout Australia.

Contact: Peter Jones, President
Phone: 0423 454 422
Email: pajones@pobox.com


Site No: 4, 5

OzRunways is Australia's most loved Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) application, available now for iOS and Android. Whether you are new to flying, a recreational pilot, general aviation flyer or a company looking for an EFB, OzRunways is the right fit for you. OzRunwways is proudly an Australian company and our products are designed from the ground up to be used in Australia and NZ. With a growing community of 17,000 subscribers, OzRunways has proven to be the go-to EFB for pilots from every section of aviation. Features such as our live traffic system help pilots maintain the highest levels of situational awareness and with the app in use by organisations like the RAAF, RAN, Toll Helicopters, CASA, Regional Express among many others you know you are in safe hands. Download from your app store to start a free 30-day trial and see for yourself what makes it Australia’s best EFB.

Contact: Admin
Phone: help.ozrunways.com
Email: www.ozrunways.com

Hawker Pacific

Site No: 30

Hawker Pacific is a market leader in integrated civil and military aerospace sales and product support in South East Asia, Australia, the Pacific and the Middle East and is one of the largest independent companies of its type in the region with over 800 employees. Hawker Pacific represents some of the world’s leading aircraft manufacturers, including Textron Aviation – Cessna and Beechcraft, Bell Helicopter and Diamond Aircraft and provides service support for a wide range of manufacturers. Hawker Pacific is also a primary dealer in used aircraft with networks to source, acquire and trade aircraft globally. Hawker Pacific’s product support activities include MRO, structural modification and support services to a wide range of fixed wing aircraft and helicopters for corporate, defence and special mission operators throughout the region. Other services include aircraft and engine maintenance, repair and overhaul, special mission aircraft modifications, design engineering, avionics, plus the provision of spare parts, exchange rotables and equipment sales.

Contact: Blake Irwin
Phone: 02 9708 8560
Email: blake.irwin@hawkerpacific.com


Site No: 17

CASA provides a world class safety regulatory environment for civil air operations in Australia and the operation of Australian aircraft overseas. CASA’s challenge is to enhance and promote aviation safety through effective safety regulation and by encouraging industry to deliver high standards of safety. As part of this function CASA provides comprehensive safety education and training programs, cooperates with other government agencies and the industry, and administers certain features of Part IVA of the Civil Aviation (Carriers’ Liability) Act 1959.

Contact: Toni Guenther
Phone: 0262 171 037
Email: toni.guenther@casa.gov.au

Mendelssohn Pilot Supplies

Site No: 16

Mendelssohn Pilot Supplies PTY LTD is a family owned and operated Australian registered company supplying an extensive range of aviation equipment from our Melbourne warehouse. With a lifetime of being immersed in the Aviation field we are passionate about supplying high quality products backed by our extensive technical knowledge.

Contact: Roy Mendelssohn
Phone: 0395 373 848
Email: sales@ozpilot.com.au

Speedhawk Towing Solutions

Site No: 11 & 12

Speedhawk is Australia’s premier supplier for the renowned Powertow and Supertow aircraft tow units. We stock the full range of Powertow and Supertow aircraft tow units, with a focus to provide you with the easiest, most manoeuvrable, cost effective and safest way to move your aircraft. Suitable for single engine piston/LSA through to King Air 350/Citation business aircraft. Whether you’re looking for an Electric tow unit (quiet and smooth) or an Avgas tow unit (self contained and powerful), we have a solution for you. Fly when you want to fly without risking injury to yourself or damaging your aircraft. No longer is moving your aircraft a chore. So if you are struggling moving your aircraft into and out of the hangar safely, look for a genuine solution to give you the ‘freedom to fly’. Come and talk to us and try our units at Aviatex Booth 11 and 12.

Contact: Lars Larson
Phone: 0488 423 022
Email: info@speedhawk.com.au

Aero Magazine

Site No: 6

AERO Australia issue one went on sale on 24 December 2003 and was met with resounding approval from its Australian and New Zealand readers. The magazine was larger than any other locally published aviation magazine at the time. Chevron and the magazine was taken over by nextmedia Pty Ltd in 2008 which in turn was taken over by a German company in 2013. Stewart and Wendy Wilson’s company, Wilson Media Pty Ltd, was given the opportunity to acquire AERO Australia in 2014.

Contact: Wendy Wilson
Phone: 02 6238 1620
Email: wilson@netspeed.com.au

UNSW Sydney- School of Aviation

Site No: 26

UNSW Aviation offers undergraduate programs in Management and Flying with post graduate programs for aviation professionals by distance education. Flying training to airline standard is delivered at the School’s Flying Operations Unit. UNSW is one of Australia’s leading universities and all aviation programs offered are of a consistently high standard.

Contact: Brian Horton
Phone: 0297 913 047
Email: flyingoperationsunit@unsw.edu.au.

Cumulus Airpark

Site No: 3

Cumulus Airpark is a residential development for aviators and enthusiasts unique to the Gympie and Cooloola region. Situated on property adjacent to the Gympie Aerodrome at Kybong near Gympie at the tip of Queensland’s Sunshine Coast, Cumulus offers an exclusive lifestyle for those captivated by all things aviation.

Contact: Ray Gresham
Phone: 0428 835 451
Email: cumulusairpark@bigpond.com


Site No: 19

BreezyLog is a “REAL TIME”, fully Interactive Aircraft Records System, designed to be used primarily on computers and tablets, with an easy to use web-based mobile app for entering flight data on the go. It offers a comprehensive Aircraft Record Keeping, Maintenance Forecasting System and Flight Data Entry program that meets the requirements of Civil Aviation Regulation (CAR) 50A & 50B, as an acceptable alternative for aircraft records. BreezyLog enables you to easily control, input, record and search everything from Flight Times, Fuel and Oil Uplifts, Airworthiness Directives, Component History, Maintenance Actions to name a few. Four of the greatest benefits you can attain from accurate aircraft records are: 1. Greater safety of your aircraft, crew, passengers and the general public. 2. Proof of compliance with the Civil Aviation Regulations. 3. Enhancing the value of your aircraft with accurate and easy to read records. 4. Reducing unwarranted cost due to maintenance duplication or overrun. Breezy makes it easy.

Contact: Paul Strike
Phone: 0412970855
Email: paul@breezylog.com

Aviation Trader

Site No: 1

Aviation Trader is a highly respected monthly marketing publication carrying corporate and private advertising for aircraft and aviation equipment and services throughout Australasia. ‘The Trader’ was first published in October 1988 and continues to serve the Aviation industries of Australia, New Zealand and the South Pacific by facilitating the introduction of buyers to sellers. The publication can be accessed via subscription (print and/or digital) and is available for purchase from selected news agencies. Print editions are complimented by an active ‘real time’ website and leveraged further by regular and informative social media posts.

Contact: Janine Robinson
Phone: 02 6622 2133
Email: janine@aviationtrader.com.au

InFlight Graphics

Site No: 2

CASA approved InFlight Graphics are the solution to your unique aircraft graphic needs. Using only the highest quality aviation approved materials and aerospace approved processes, our experienced team of graphic designers and engineers deliver impeccable aviation graphics with unprecedented reliability and speed - including AOG's. We specialise in internal and external placards and decals, small and large format plane wraps and branding, paint masks, instrument panel markings, laser annealing (ownership plates etc.) and aviation advertising – including installation. We have catered to all areas of aviation in our 30+ years of experience in the industry with unrivalled passion and enthusiasm. See some examples of our work at www.inflightgraphics.com.au.

Contact: David Liebich
Phone: 03 5428 6203
Email: enquiries@inflightgraphics.com.au

Tecnam Australia Pty Ltd

Site No: 31

Chosing a Tecnam aircraft can be a pure matter of love or money calculation. or Both. Producing aircraft since 1948. Complete line of aircraft: from light planes to General Aviation transportation planes.

Contact: Gerard Kitt
Phone: 0439 541 911
Email: gerard@tecnam.com.au

BOSE Pty Ltd

Site No: 18

Bose Corporation was first to introduce Active Noise Reduction technology to aviation, forever changing the way pilots fly. The Bose® A20® Aviation Headset is our most advanced aviation headset yet, and is currently used by numerous airlines, aircraft OEM’s and individual commercial pilots around the world. In addition, Bose has significant experience engineering active noise reduction communication headsets for extremely demanding, mission critical applications, such as use in tanks, armored transport vehicles and by infantrymen in several countries. This experience, combined with our considerable research, engineering and marketing capabilities, make Bose and the A20® Aviation headset unique in the market. The A20® features an unmatched combination of benefits and is engineered to deliver greater levels of noise reduction, in louder environments, over a broader range of frequencies. The A20® also provides a very comfortable fit and delivers the clear audio that one would expect from Bose.

Contact: Robert Elborough
Phone: +61 (0) 2 8737 9908
Email: robert_elborough@bose.com


Site No: 20

The multi-award winning Flight Planning and Electronic Flight Bag app that grows with you. From local VFR recreational aviation through to professional IFR charter and global airline operations, the AvPlan Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) has been designed to simplify your flying by leveraging the portability, effortlessness and processing capabilities of state of the art iPhone™, iPad™ and soon to include Android devices. The AvPlan team are innovators and pilots that are dedicated to developing best of breed solutions to meet the ever changing and demanding requirements of modern aviation.

Contact: Peter Derrick
Phone: 03 8370 3024
Email: support@avplan-efb.com

Evektor Aircraft Australia Pty Ltd

Site No: 33

Evektor Aircraft Australia Pty Ltd is the exclusive Australian Distributor for Evektor-Aerotechnik a.s. aircraft. We currently import two aircraft from the Evektor range – the Light Sport Harmony LSA, and certified SportStar RTC and represent the factory on their 4-seat VUT100 Cobra, and twin turbine EV55 Outback expected in 2017.

Contact: Basil Lenzo
Phone: 0412 925 300
Email: basil@evektor.com.au


Site No: 45, 47, 49

Heliflite has been Australasia’s leading distributor for the Robinson, Leonardo (AgustaWestland) & the Marenco Swisshelicopter helicopter range. Our experienced sales team are available 7 days a week to assist with all your new or quality pre-owned helicopter requirements

Contact: Rob Bentley-Johnston
Phone: 02 9766 0222
Email: r.b.j@heliflite.com.au

Recreational Aviation Australia

Site No: 21, 22

Recreational Aviation Australia Ltd (RAAus.) is the peak body in Australia responsible for administering ultralight, recreational and LSA (Light Sport Aircraft) operations. We train and certify pilots, flying instructors and maintainers, register a fleet of almost 3,500 aircraft, and oversee the operations of 160 Flying Training Schools throughout the country. Our Association is also responsible for the development and promotion of flying safety standards, and for advocating on behalf of our 10,000 members. We are one of nine RAAOs (Recreational Aviation Administration Organisations) authorised to self-administer sport and recreational flying activities on behalf of the Commonwealth Government’s Civil Aviation Safety Authority. Since the Civil Aviation Regulations 1988 were never intended to regulate this class of aircraft or activities, RAAOs are permitted to operate via exemptions and delegations. Collectively, RAAOs account for almost half of all the aircraft operating in Australia RAAus continues to experience sustained growth, and has been successful in securing enhanced operating privileges for its members. Our not-for-profit association is governed by an elected Board of volunteer Directors, supported by a small full-time management team who are committed to helping you realise your dream of safe, affordable flying.

Contact: Kelly Stirton
Phone: 02 6280 4700
Email: admin@raa.asn.au

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