About Aviatex

About Aviatex

What is Aviatex?

The aviation industry is entering a period of unprecedented growth and opportunity, with New South Wales uniquely placed to benefit.

In 2017 the Australian aviation Industry had an estimated revenue of $43 billion and employed over 88,000 people. Australian and international forecasts anticipate continued future growth, bringing increasing demand for highly skilled professionals, quality training, capable suppliers and astute regulators.

Globally, the Asia Pacific is predicted to generate the largest demand for new pilots and technicians over the period 2017-2036, with some 253,000 new pilots and 256,000 new technicians needed.

Boeing estimates the world will need 640,000 new pilots over the next 20 years as rising middle-class wealth in developing nations drives a doubling of passenger numbers to 8 billion. Around 40 per cent of these new pilots are needed in the Asia Pacific region.

In NSW, growth is underpinned by delivery of keystone projects such as the Western Sydney Airport and its surrounding Aerotropolis and associated infrastructure. These projects coincide with an increased demand for defence industry capabilities as the Australian Defence Force embarks on large scale equipment modernisation and replacement programs.

With unprecedented opportunities emerging throughout the aerospace sector, highly skilled staff, strong supply chains and sector-wide collaboration have never been more urgently needed.

Aviatex Sydney will meet this need by bringing together large operators and aircraft suppliers, SMEs, education and training providers, government agencies, regulators, industry bodies, students and prospective employees.

Aviatex Sydney is an aviation trade exposition, industry forum and aviation careers showcase aimed at building future industry capability and skills pathways to support sector-wide growth. It offers a platform for today’s aviation and aerospace industry to prepare for the needs and opportunities of tomorrow.

Aviatex Sydney will be held at Bankstown Airport from 15-17 November 2018, with gates open 9:00 am - 5:00 pm daily

Aviatex has three key aspects:

  1. Aviation Industry Forum
  2. Aviation Exposition
  3. Aviation Careers Showcase

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