Aviation Careers Showcase

Aviation Careers Showcase



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It’s time to turn your passion for aviation into a lifestyle and lifelong career. Being employed within the aviation industry is more than just becoming a pilot. For aviation to thrive in the future we need to cover all aspects of what make the industry tick. Flight training is a major growth market in the Australian general aviation sector, with most major airport based flight schools offering courses aimed at progressing students through to commercial standard. However, other aviation related industry is often overlooked in favour of flying. Aviatex is aimed at showcasing all elements of the aviation industry and will feature all fields including flight training, engineering, airport management, air traffic control, light aircraft to airlines, civil and military engineers, flight attendants, compliance and more.

Global aviation industry forecasts indicate the Asia pacific region will generate the largest proportion of demand for new pilots and technicians over the period of 2017 - 2036. These forecasts predict that 253,000 new pilots and 256,000 new technicians will be required to meet demand in the Asia Pacific.


Aviatex will feature a showcase of aviation-related training and career opportunities that will provide an opportunity for students to engage with training institutions, employers and a range of aviation exhibitors from the commercial and Defence sectors. There will be representatives from universities and TAFE colleges, major airlines, military recruitment, flight training institutions, and so many more. Many of which themselves are aviation enthusiasts and ready to share their passion and stories, and to direct anyone who wishes to join this dynamic industry on the right path to a fulfilling career.


Training and skills opportunities will be highlighted by featuring workshops, seminars & presentations from Emergency Services, industry representatives, the Australian Defence Force and private enterprise. Aviatex will also offer students face to face interaction with training and education organisations covering all aspects of the aviation industry. Aviatex will include a mixture of education sessions, networking opportunities, simulators and exhibits for attendees to get a taste of the aviation industry. Our main aim is to enable those young adults who are considering their career options to get a real sense of what aviation careers are all about. Students can interact with the industry while being engaged by enjoyable and challenging activities. It will be a fun day of education and learning which will help you to get a head start in making your future careers fly high!


Aviatex will provide Aviation organisations, the Australian Defence Force and Defence Industry the ability to demonstrate and provide information on accessing an aviation career. Whether the career path be as a pilot, engineering and manufacturing, airport management, air traffic control or any other vital aviation career stream that contributes to the Australian Aviation industry. Students from years 9, 10, 11 and 12 from secondary schools in the Sydney Region are encouraged to attend and discover the job pathways and skills development for future Aviation careers.


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